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 Sushi and ginger slices

Take out packed ginger slices

Basic information

Name of factory Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd
Product name Take out packed ginger slices
Main raw materials
Product shelf life 12 months
Product execution standard SB/T 10439
Product specifications 5g * 100 * 10 / box
matters needing attention When handling, pay attention to the sanitation of transportation tools to prevent moisture and pollution

Sensory examination

project standard
color and lustre It has the color of the product
aroma It has the fragrance of this product, without bad smell
Histomorphology Uniform thickness, with the unique crisp and tender texture of this product
impurity No foreign impurities can be seen by naked eyes

  Packaging form

Package specification According to customer requirements
Inner packing Composite roll
Outer packing Corrugated box

common problem

Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We have not only a factory, but also a 5000 acre plantation.Horseradish products account for more than 30% of the global market because of our competitive prices.

Can I ask for samples?

Yes, please contact us first to get samples, but you need to pay the freight.

Can you help me make my own brand products? 

of course.When your quantity reaches the specified quantity, OEM brand can be accepted.In addition, free samples can be used for evaluation.

4. Can you provide a catalog?

of course.Please feel free to send us your request, please let us know which product you like and provide more details.

This will help us to meet your requirements.

Sushi Ginger is hot, sliced ginger is marinated in a mixture of sugar and vinegar.When tasting all kinds of sushi, Sushi Ginger can eliminate the taste of tongue and play a disinfection role.

When you eat multiple flavors of sushi, eating sushi ginger can guarantee the original fresh taste of sushi.