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Hand in hand to teach you to make sushi with Wasabi sauce, get up late also can eat well!

Date: August 24, 2021 Visits:forty-six

Sleepy in spring and sleepy in autumn

It's sleepy again Autumn full of appetite

You need to prepare a fresh and attractive recipe

Wake up your mind and your appetite

Xiaobian has prepared a sushi menu for you for a week

Variety, simple production

Let you eat every day without heavy sample

Sushi bear

Ingredient details

Rice, Tianpeng sushi seaweed, ham sausage, salt, white vinegar, sugar

Sesame oil, white pepper, soy sauce, soy sauce

Production method

1. Divide the cooked rice into 2 parts. Add salt, white vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and white pepper into 1 part while hot. Mix well.

2. Put some soy sauce and sesame oil in the other part, add some soy sauce and mix well.

3. Take a piece of seaweed, cut it into 3 equal parts, and take 2 of them.

4. Arrange soy sauce rice into a small strip, put it on the side of seaweed and roll it up.Roll two. This is bear's ear.

5. Take another piece of seaweed, cut into 2 equal parts, take one of them, spread soy sauce rice, and put on a thin ham sausage, roll up.

6. Take another piece of seaweed, spread the white sushi rice, and then put the three rolls in the middle (small in the bottom, thick in the top), and roll up.

7. Cut and the baby bear appears.Then fry out the eyes and nose with seaweed and put them on the bear's face.

Sushi Rolls

Ingredient details

Cooked rice, sushi seaweed, sausage, meat floss egg

Carrot, salad dressing, Tianpeng sushi vinegar

Production method

1. Lower the cooked rice to a warm state

2. The ratio of sushi vinegar to rice is about 1:6, mix well.

3. Shred sausages and carrots, spread eggs into egg skin and shred.

4. Spread sushi seaweed on the bamboo curtain and smooth the rice, leaving a little edge around.

5. Spread the salad dressing on the rice and sprinkle with the meat floss.

Add egg skin, carrot and sausage.

7. Roll up sushi with bamboo curtain, Hold hands tightly for 1 minute and open.

8. Cut the sushi roll with water on the knife.

Sweet carrot Sushi

Ingredient details

1 bowl of rice, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon fruit vinegar

1 carrot, Tianpeng salad dressing

Production method

1. Prepare the materials. The sushi rice is dry

2. Beat the egg, add a little salt, mix well, pour into the pan and spread into the egg skin.

3. Cut the egg skin into thick strips. Mix the rice with a spoonful of vinegar while it is hot

4. Take the right amount of rice balls into strips, and squeeze the carrot juice to extract the residue.

5. Roll the rice ball in the carrot dregs, stick the carrot dregs, wrap tightly with the eggshell, and squeeze on the Chubi salad dressing.

Geometry Sushi

Ingredient details

White rice, Tianpeng sushi vinegar, thick egg skin, shrimp eggs, sushi seaweed

Production method

1. Add Tianpeng sushi vinegar to steamed rice and stir well to make sushi rice.

2. Stir the eggs evenly, spread them into thick eggshells, and fold them up when they are half set.

3. Prepare sushi rice, egg skin, sushi seaweed and shrimp eggs.

4. Fold two large pieces of seaweed and tear them into four pieces. Take three small pieces. First, spread sushi rice on one piece, sprinkle shrimp eggs on it and roll it up.

5. Put it on another seaweed with sushi rice and shrimp eggs and roll it up.

6. Cut the rolled sushi longitudinally, then cut it longitudinally from the middle, cut into four pieces, and cut the four pieces of sushi back to back into square thick egg skin.

7. Roll up the remaining seaweed in a square shape.

8. Hold tightly and compact and cut.When cutting with a sharp knife dipped in cold boiled water, will cut neat and beautiful.

Seafood Sushi

Ingredient details

Fresh shrimp Canned tuna Rice Seaweed

Tianpeng mayonnaise Sushi vinegar

Production method

1. Prepare the ingredients, take appropriate amount of tuna into the bowl, add Tianpeng mayonnaise, stir Mix the minced tuna.

2. Wash the fresh shrimp, remove the head, remove the shrimp thread, and put it on the stick.(prevent shrimp from bending during cooking)

3. Put a proper amount of cold water into the pot, add the shrimp after boiling, and then take it out to cool for standby.

4. Add a little sushi vinegar to the rice, mix well, take the right amount of rice on the palm of your hand, and then put in the right amount of tuna minced meat to form a ball.

5. Seal and make the desired shape.Take a piece of seaweed and wrap it outside the rice ball.

6. Shell the cooked shrimp and keep the tail.Cut in two from the abdomen, do not cut the back, put on the seaweed rice ball.

Scallop Sushi

Ingredient details

Fresh shellfish, sushi rice, fish roe, salad dressing, roasted eel juice, Tianpeng sushi vinegar

Production method

1. Use kitchen paper to absorb excess water.

2. Cut to 3 / 4 position, do not cut into two pieces.

3. Cook sushi rice, add a small amount of Tianpeng sushi vinegar, mix well, and hold it into a small ball.

4. Open the cut scallops from the middle, spread them on the rice balls, and lay them in turn.

6. Bake with a musket.No muskets, no roasting.

7. Squeeze in the salad dressing and pour a few drops of thick roasted eel juice.

8. Add fish roe. It tastes like sushi!

Duck Sushi

Ingredient details

Cooked carrot 1 small strip, sushi 2 pieces of seaweed Sushi curtain 1 piece

Cooked rice 300g Cooked egg yolk 3, Tianpeng Sushi vinegar 5ml

Production method

1. Mix rice with Tianpeng sushi vinegar, divide into 130g and 170g; 130g is divided into 90g, 30g and 10g, 170g is added with 3 pieces of cooked egg yolk, and then divided into 100g and 70g of yellow rice.

2. Cut a small triangular strip of carrot to make duck's beak. Cut two pieces of seaweed in half (only 3 half pieces), and one half piece will be cut into 1 / 3 pieces.

3. Duck head: seaweed on the sushi curtain, roll 70g egg yolk rice into round strips, put carrot strips on the top, roll out the duck's head, and adjust the position of the mouth.

4. Duck body: spread seaweed on the sushi curtain, pinch 100g egg yolk rice into a long strip on the seaweed, roll it into a semicircle with the sushi curtain, the tail part is a little sharp, and hold it tightly.

5. Spread the remaining piece of seaweed on the sushi curtain, evenly spread the 90g white rice, leave 1cm, and stick the seaweed ( In case it doesn't roll up long enough ) Put on the body and head after laying ( Head up, body down ) 。Then fill in the front of the head with just two pieces of white rice ( 30 g at the back of the head and 10 g at the front of the head). Fix and roll up the sushi curtain. While rolling, make sure that the duck position is aligned and hold it firmly.

6. Loosen the sushi curtain, cut it into 5 pieces with a sharp knife, cut it into duck with seaweed and stick it on.

The prepared sushi is dipped in tianpengshan sunflower sauce. It's delicious!