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What's the difference between horseradish and horseradish?

Date: September 16, 2021 Visits:four

  In daily life, we all know or eat the pungent mustard, and the raw material of mustard is horseradish.Most people think that mustard is made from a plant called mustard, just like hot sauce.Because the price of horseradish root is relatively expensive and it is difficult to store wasabi sauce, almost all Japanese restaurants and most sushi restaurants in Japan actually use "dyed" horseradish sauce.Horseradish originated in Southeast Europe and Western Asia. European countries often use horseradish as seasoning for roast beef and other dishes. Because its taste is similar to that of horseradish root, it has become the material for imitating horseradish sauce.But it does not belong to Brassica or horseradish, but belongs to the genus Raphanus. You can't mistake it. It belongs to horse radish.It is understood that horseradish is more common in valleys and rivers. The colder the water quality is, the more conducive it is to growth.They don't use fertilizer or care.Therefore, it is a kind of green food that will not cause environmental pollution.Everyone's daily diet is mainly horseradish rhizome.After taking its root and grinding it into powder, it can be regarded as the green mustard that we see at present.

  In daily life, horseradish powder not only disguises as green mustard, but also has bright yellow paste and yellow white paste.The former is the most common. The yellow mustard sauce commonly used in American hot dogs is bright yellow horseradish sauce, which is cheaper and has a softer taste.Different from wasabi sauce, most of the mustard prepared with mustard is yellow and milky. It tastes milder than wasabi sauce and tastes slightly salty. But it is more easily accepted by everyone. This kind of mustard sauce is also commonly used in many European countries, not only in China.When it comes to mustard, it always makes people feel tearful, but it is this tear inducing substance that deeply attracts countless diners. They love the choking of mustard and the stimulation it brings to taste buds.Excessive mustard can hurt the stomach, so it should be added when cooking.Pregnant mothers and patients with gastritis, peptic ulcer and eye inflammation should not eat mustard.