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Is horseradish related to the quality of Wasabi sauce?

Date: September 15, 2021 Visits:seventy-two

When eating sushi and sashimi in a Japanese food restaurant, besides soy sauce, there is also a small green sauce. Many people call this spicy food "Mustard", but its real name is actually wasabi.Japanese herbal dictionary has a long history, as early as the Heian period, wasabi has been used as a herb.

Although it is only a side dish, the value of Wasabi is not cheap.Horseradish has strong regional characteristics, it has strict requirements for the growth environment.The soil for planting wasabi needs to be fertile, the temperature difference between day and night should be large, and the requirement for water source is also very strict. It must be clear and abundant. Generally, it takes 2 years to plant the wasabi before picking.

Many people wonder if wasabi sauce is to be spread on sashimi or dissolved in soy sauce.In fact, the key to this problem lies in the quality of the wasabi: high quality wasabi usually not only has a pungent nose, but also a subtle sweet aftertaste is the key to taste balance.

For food materials, such wasabi is certainly the finishing touch;If the wasabi is not fresh enough or the quality is poor, its sweetness will be greatly affected, and usually only the pungent feeling of choking nose and flushing brain will be left. In this case, the wasabi sauce as a seasoning dissolved in soy sauce is a more suitable choice.