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Japanese golden curry dumplings vs. Japanese golden curry dumplings

Date: 2021-10-20 Visits:nine

Eating dumplings on festivals

Still eating dumplings filled with leek and shrimp

Young people like to try new things

Have you tried the dumplings with curry stuffing?

If you say you don't like dumplings

Don't miss the golden Japanese curry fried dumplings

No one doesn't love it

Want to know the secret of golden dumplings

Look down

Preparation of materials

White dough: flour 1 bowl, water

Yellow dough: about 2 bowls of flour, half a bottle of curry powder and water

Stuffing: 1 jin beef stuffing, 1 onion, Half a carrot,

Curry 4, water

1. Harmony

Today, we are going to make golden dumplings

The core is white and the edge is yellow

So we need to prepare 2 dough

White dough : flour in small amount many times water Mix until the dough is smooth

Yellow dough It's better than white More flour

Rejoin A small bowl of curry powder is about half a bottle

It is also a small amount of water Make the dough smooth

Put the dough into a bowl and cover the pan to keep moisture

2. Mixing stuffing

Add chopped onion and carrot to beef stuffing and stir well

Boil water, Not too much water Add 4 pieces of curry

Boiled Curry sauce Juice, allow to cool

Cool and add to the filling

Continue to stir well

3. Rolling

The yellow and white dough are kneaded strip

Yellow dough Squash Wrap the white dough

The core is white and the edge is yellow

Cut with a knife Uniform size The preparation of

Flatten it and roll it into a round cake with a rolling pin

4. Making dumplings

Wrap with the right amount of stuffing

Knead into a small ingot

5. Boiling dumplings

Let's start with a tutorial on cooking dumplings

Those who want to eat fried dumplings continue to slide down

It takes three times to cook dumplings

Boiled dumplings

After boiling again, add a bowl of cold water

Repeat twice and the dumplings are ready

Match with white vinegar, rice vinegar or mature vinegar you like

It's delicious without vinegar

The dumpling with rich curry beef stuffing is better than the curry bun of convenience store

Try what you haven't tried

The intensity of curry can be adjusted by yourself

Marshal likes strong curry

The curry steamed buns bought outside can't satisfy my taste buds

Four curries are just right

The process of making dumplings is also very lively

6. Fried dumplings

Fried dumplings need to be wrapped for a long time to have a sense of ritual of Japanese fried dumplings

Take out the pan

Pour the oil. Wait The oil temperature is slightly hot Then put in the dumplings

Fry to the bottom and shape after

join A bowl of water Cover the pot and cover the stew 3-5 minutes

Fried dumplings with golden curry

Crisp and rich, exotic flavor

Let's try it together