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Green mustard, horseradish sauce, stupid, not clear

Date: September 18, 2021 Visits:sixty-six

In China, green mustard, green mustard, horseradish sauce, mustard sauce, many names make people dizzy.However, overseas, the English for mustard is mustard, wasabi for wasabi and horseradish for horseradish.Fan Lihong, associate professor of food and Nutrition Department of China Agricultural University, approved the English version of the three items.

"The green wasabi with sushi and sashimi in Japanese cuisine is actually wasabi sauce, which is only similar in taste and smell to mustard sauce ground from mustard seeds. Wasabi belongs to the genus wasabi of Cruciferae, and is distant relative to mustard of Brassica."

One is the light yellow mustard, called western mustard. It is the seed of mustard. It is light yellow, like small grains. It is planted in most regions of China. The mustard powder and mustard oil made from it are common condiments in northern China, mainly used for cold dishes, such as mustard and fungus.One is wasabi, which is called Oriental mustard, and the other is horseradish, also known as wasabi.

 "At this stage, most of the horseradish paste (green mustard) and horseradish powder on the market are made from horseradish powder. The commodity price of real horseradish is more than five times of that." mustard, horseradish and horseradish belong to Cruciferae, but mustard is famous in China.The horseradish belongs to the category introduced in recent years, which is the most expensive one among the three.