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Do you know the functions and precautions of curry

Date: November 29, 2021 Visits:two

Functions and functions of curry:

1. Increase appetite: because the main ingredient of curry is ginger powder, there are Sichuan prickly ash, star anise, pepper and other spicy ingredients,

Can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, so moderate consumption can increase appetite.

2. Promote metabolism: the hot taste of curry can make people sweat, accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.

3. Viscera protection: Curcumin curry can protect viscera. Moderate consumption of curry may reverse cardiac hypertrophy and restore cardiac function in patients with heart disease.

4. : because curry can consume more calories in the body, and promote fat oxidation, some effects.

Notes for curry:

Suitable population:

Anorexia, constipation and obesity


Gastropathy, peptic ulcer and those taking medicine

Not to be eaten together:

Beef, taro, water chestnut

Curry and beef with food, easy to fire;Curry and Taro with food, will increase the gastrointestinal burden, leading to stomach distension;

Curry and water chestnut with food, can increase the burden of the stomach, leading to dyspepsia.

How to eat curry:

Japanese curry and seasonal vegetable pot:

Prepare broccoli, carrot, mushroom, red pepper, onion and other seasonal vegetables, as well as curry, coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar and other seasonings.

Wash and cut vegetables, add seasoning and stir well.

Japanese Curry Rice:

Prepare beef, potato, diced carrot, onion, curry, cooking oil and salt. Stir fry the meat until half cooked,

Add the prepared vegetables to stir fry, then add water to simmer slowly, and add seasoning after cooked.