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Cool down!A bowl of Japanese curry udong noodles, super simple, but more delicious than the restaurant!

Date: September 2, 2021 Visits:seven

Is your curry still served with rice

Northerners are born to like noodles

Just as the southerners love rice

The cold weather in winter makes people shiver

I just want to be covered in a quilt at home

Have a bite of hot noodles

Have another thick soup

I feel warm when I think of it

When curry meets udon noodles

Hot curry

With smooth Wudong noodles

Then wrap and bring the soup

A moment at the entrance

That feels great

Curry noodles with crab fillet

Food ingredients


Wudong noodles, purple onion, Tianpeng curry block, crab meat stick, mushroom, shredded green onion, edible oil, water



1. Pour cooking oil into the pan, add shredded onion and stir fry until transparent.

2. Add Tianpeng curry, stir fry well, then add hot water to boil.

3. Add Wudong noodles and stir evenly with chopsticks.

4. Add crab stick, mushrooms and shredded scallion, and cook.

5. Collect the soup from the fire and prepare the curry noodles with crab fillet.

Wudong noodles are soft, elastic and smooth, with dense tendons

The curry soup is thick and rich in soy sauce

And then with crab and other side dishes, fresh eyebrows

A bowl of steaming Curry Udon noodles

It's not just delicious

And warmth